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School Governing Body (SGB)

Joint Chairs – Mr Dallas Ehrke (dallasehrke@gmail.com) and Chris Alexandre

The School Governing Body is elected by the parent/guardian community every three years. It is recognised by the Department of Education as the official voice of the school and concerns itself with finance, human relations, grounds and buildings, marketing, alumni, development, strategic planning and legal compliance.

It is also the ultimate authority in terms of disciplinary matters. The SGB meets once a month and has several portfolio meetings throughout the term.

Matters of a purely educational nature are, however, dealt with by the Principal and his staff. Please raise concerns or queries with your child’s teacher and/or Dr Knott-Craig who has an open door policy.

Mr Ehrke is available via email in the event that you need to discuss matters that are not of an educational nature but are still related to the overall well-being of our school.