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The Department of Education

May 4, 2020COVID-19

Dear Parents and Guardians


From the start, our School has worked with stakeholders to build a bridge to get over this strange river to beat Covid-19 and we would like to thank all our parents, guardians, staff, governors and learners for your co-operation, commitment and patience.

We now find ourselves on Level 4 where we all need to stay at home and stay safe to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.  This means that our campus is still out of bounds.  Our teachers will continue to use digital platforms, mostly Whatsapp platform to communicate with our learners and where possible, our support staff will continue to work from home.

The question on everyone’s mind is when can we expect school to reopen?  According to the information provided by the DoE this can only happen once all the “non-negotiables” (supply and implementation of protective supplies and policies such as hand sanitisers, masks, lessons in hygiene) have been put in place.

The DoE has also provided the following proposed timetable and our School Management Team has already begun working towards meeting the deadlines. It is important to stress that this timetable may change; my office will advise you accordingly.

11 May – the Headmaster, the School Management Team and the support (non-teaching) staff will return to work to make the school ready as per the DoE’s health and safety protocols. Dr Ian Knott-Craig assisted by Mr Lance Parker and Ms Laura Guest will lead this process.

18 May – ONLY if all health and safety directives are in place, the rest of the teachers will return.

1 June – the Minister of Basic Education may begin phasing in of some learners based on the level of readiness of schools. This will ONLY happen after receiving concurrence from the National Coronavirus Command Council and publication of the new school calendar in the Government Gazette.

Again, I must stress that the dates indicated are not yet confirmed. In other words, a great deal depends on what the DoE offices can achieve this week together with the impact of the virus on national health.  I repeat that the dates could change and I will advise you accordingly.

The safety of our children, our teachers and our support staff as well as their families are of the utmost importance and we will continue to work towards achieving this.  The delivery of education is also important and a series of resources provided by the DoE as well as instructions to schools are available in the following PDFS.  I urge you to read and use what applies to you and your child/ren so that we can make the most of the time available to us. Stay strong, stay safe and remember that we are always #StongerTogetherPortAlfred.

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