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A New Hope

May 19, 2020Supporters and Alumni Association

Our students have been dealt a rough blow.

My heart breaks for the matric dresses and tuxedos, still unworn.

The athletes who trained for months, now for nothing.

Poems will go unspoken. Library books unread. Trophies still and unmoved.

Learning in the new world is not easy for many. Near impossible for some. The lack of data or even a quiet place to concentrate can be challenging for most. However, above it all, we push forward. Because that’s what humans do. It’s the string of clean washing hanging out to dry in a war-torn world. If you look you will always see one. A line of hope for a better tomorrow.

Please contribute to our data for learning fund if you can. Use the bank details listed below, the reference “data” and we will ensure that it goes to a deserving student in need.

Port Alfred High Supporters and Alumni Association
BRANCH: Port Alfred 210917
ACCOUNT: 62719269111
REFERENCE: Name + Data
Laura Guest (+27) 84 607 6174

When I got the data, I was ecstatic. It meant the world to me! Thanks to all the wonderful people who have helped me. You have given me a chance to catch up on work that I had missed.

Thank you soooo much!

Erin Uhlmann


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