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From our PA School head girl 2020

Nov 3, 2020Students

Once you’ve been at Port Alfred High School as long as I have, it’s not just your school anymore, it’s part of your identity. You can spot a PAHS learner from a mile away, not because of our uniform but because of our spirit, our energy and our charisma!

I started at this school in Grade 1 and I remember standing up in Assembly and waving to the Matric Class of 2009. Fast forward 12 years. Fast forward 11 years and here I am, the years went by in a flash! I am very fortunate to have so many of my 2009 classmates in my Grade today and the ones we’ve lost along the way will always be remembered by the cringeworthy concert pictures of us in the Foundation Phase, with our neon-blue eyeshadow, pink cheeks and blood red lips.

The Intermediate phase was a complete step up. We were introduced to tests, exams and academic competition. I was faring quite well until our Head Boy, Meekah Da Sousa came to PAHS from Kenton Primary. He gave us all a run for our money but it was all in good fun.

We made so many memories on our Grade 5 and 6 tours, like being chased by bats on the way to our bungalows, people being stung by bees, that scary horse that bit Tanya van Heerden, the story of Benjamin that had us all reading our bibles every night and seven girls sharing one room even though there were three other rooms to sleep in.

In the blink of an eye the start of High School came, a perfect time for mischief to breed. We went on a hockey tour and to cut a long story short, a few of us girls took a trip to the Headmaster’s office the next morning. But rest assured that we’ve learnt from our mistakes.

This is one of the things I love about our school the most. We are able to make mistakes. Or as KC (the deputy Headmaster, Dr Knott-Craig) says, making mistakes is the best way to learn. My schooling career at PAHS hasn’t been perfect but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve grown so much in this school, under the care of the most nurturing teachers and sports coaches.

PAHS has allowed me to rise to great heights and achieve anything I put my mind to. This school will forever have a place in my heart and I hope that we all continue to cherish it, because this is our school. #EverOurPride #StrongerTogetherPAHS

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