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Matrics 2020 stand stronger together

Jul 3, 2020Students

There can be no denying that this year has been nothing short of challenging! Every school runs to a calendar and many events are “a rinse and repeat” for both staff and learners.  The Covid-19 pandemic has turned this year’s calendar upside down and inside out! Matric learner and aspiring journalist, Tristan Riddin gives us an insight into the goings-on at our family school at the sea.

Your Matric year is pretty high up on the list of ‘best years of your life’. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s filled with laughter and memories, filled with lasts. Your last first day, your last assembly, your last sports day. It’s the year of your Matric dance, your valedictory, your final exams. It’s the last year that you spend with your best friends. It is your year.

Last year we received our reports along with the news that we would be in Matric this year. Sure, we were uncertain and maybe just a little scared as we were about to step into the beginning of the end of this schooling chapter but deep down, we were beyond excited. I remember sitting on my bed at the beginning of the year, going through the mental list that I had created. Work hard, study, join a few extracurriculars, apply to universities, enjoy every single moment. I was ready to fight fire with fire, I was ready for anything.

I was wrong.

Life has a way of changing your plans and that is exactly what happened. No-one was ready for things to change, for the world to do a handstand. This year has definitely brought to light the true nature of the Matrics of 2020 as we have been tested on so many levels. We have not only had to go through our own personal issues, but we have had to watch the entire world suffer as we sit at home unable to do a thing. We have become, and will forever be, “The Matrics of the Year of the Pandemic 2020”.

We have stepped up in more ways than one. We have had to get used to video classes and school being online along with everything else. I doubt that we would have made the transition as smoothly as we did without our Port Alfred High School teachers going above and beyond to help us like they have every step of the way. I personally have discovered just how far our teachers will go to make sure that we are all okay and I don’t think any of us can ever thank them enough.

Sure, everything has changed, we can’t go out to the movies after a long week of school and we can’t see our friends every day like we used to. Everything seems foreign but Matric is still our year. We are still making the best of it. We are still fighting.

So yes, my Matric year may be a lot different from most, but I know that the Matric Class of 2020 will never forget the challenges we have faced, alone but together. And at Port Alfred High we truly are stronger, together.

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