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Ready, steady, stop – GO!

Sep 28, 2020Teachers

Teaching Grade 1 during Covid-19
Mrs Erika de Klerk, HOD Foundation School.

At Port Alfred High School, our phase was fortunate to continue teaching throughout the pandemic.  Most parents could follow our lessons and let their children continue with learning.  Although we had many interruptions, we could catch-up and are now on track.

Covid-19 forced us to make changes in our methods of teaching.  We had to bring in more rules (sanitizing and social distancing) but that didn’t break our spirit.  Our children are happy to be back, and so are the teachers of the Foundation Phase.  Together, we are all eager to come out on top of this situation.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to have our annual concert, the colour run and various sporting activities have had to stop.  We are grateful to have recently resumed tennis lessons and it really lifts the heart to see happy faces and busy arms and legs running around the courts.

Together with the grounds and buildings team, we used the time while the children were at home to revamp our passages.  The flooring has been replaced, the walls painted and soon we will have new artwork up to brighten up the space.  This is an extension to the recent remodelling of the bathrooms – our section of the school is looking very smart! As the Head of the Phase I would like to thank all the children and parents who have contributed to the fundraising efforts to make this all possible.  We can’t wait to show them off!

As a Grade 1 teacher, it is my passion to teach the little ones and to work hard so that at the end of the year I can look back and know that they are capable to go on to the next grade because of all they have learnt in their very first year in formal school.

In closing, I would like to share this quote from Flickr with you:


My classroom to be like the world:

Busy, chaotic and always in motion.

Every learner to feel a part of our community.

Learning to come from experiences, not just from pages in books.

A child’s gifts and struggles to be addressed; recognised and respected.

Creativity to be a habit, not a special occasion.

Mistakes to be viewed as opportunities.

An environment where it is okay to disagree.

Thinking, laughter and questions to fill the air.

Understanding that gifted does not mean perfect.

The freedom for learners to explore, discover and develop their own passions and interests.

My students to know that I’m still a learner too.


I hope that this pandemic is over soon so that we can return to a new level of normal where we are still #StrongerTogetherPortAlfred.

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