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Apr 17, 2019Grounds and Buidlings

As we move past the half way mark of 2019 and in the spirit of our the theme of the year: #DeedsNotWords I am taking this opportunity to bring you up to date with security measures at Port Alfred School.

By way of a refresher as to what our partnership as parents, pupils and staff involves in this regard, let’s revisit our school’s Code of Conduct:

The underlying philosophy of the Code of Conduct is the mutual respect and upholding of the values required for each and every learner to be able to enjoy his Constitutional Rights.  Examples of these principles and values are: democracy; non-discrimination and equality; respect and dignity; non-violence and the freedom and security of a person; due process; and a safe school environment which is conducive to teaching and learning. These RIGHTS all imply concomitant responsibilities.

There is no doubt that we live in a time where our personal and collective security must be at the forefront of all that we do. For this reason, the Port Alfred High Governing Body (SGB), working well within the Finance Sub-Committee’s capital project budget, accepted an offer from the Friends of the School to purchase and install state of the art CCTV cameras throughout the buildings.  This project began on 18 March and will be complete by 9 July 2019.

In addition, the SGB has split Security from the Grounds and Buildings Sub-Committee portfolio and set it up as a stand-alone portfolio, headed up by Jacques Botha who works with Charles Kantor who holds the same portfolio at School Management Team (SMT) level.  A reminder here, that the SGB is responsible for setting policy parameters for our school and for ensuring that we are legally compliant while the SMT is responsible for the daily operations of our school.

The perimeter security of our campus has been compromised as a result of the closure of the R72 gate being permanently closed as a result of the ongoing roadworks taking place.  The good news is that this gate will be reopened shortly and the top gate opening onto Park Avenue will once again be an exit only point.  Our thanks is extended to everyone for your patience.  We would also like to thank one of our parents and a proud past PAHS pupil Tim Waller who will be assisting us in trimming the trees along the fenceline during the holidays. On a negative note, the hydraulic arm on the main gate directly leading into the Hall foyer has been damaged and the repair thereof is in the  region of R10 000 and it’s a challenge to find these unbudgeted funds.

The Grounds and Buildings staff work closely with the Red Alert cleaning staff to ensure that the buildings on our campus are locked up at the end of the day.  With such a high volume of people in and out our campus all through the day, including weekends, it is not always possible to ensure that our property is secure.  Here we call on our parents and pupils to work with us in terms of reporting anything untoward without delay.

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