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Teacher Feature – Melissa du Randt

Apr 17, 2020Teachers

Who is Melissa du Randt?

I remember sitting in front of my imaginary classroom when I was little. I’d give writing lessons where I’d write in different handwritings – just so I could mark them differently. Colouring in and out of the lines purposefully and giving step by step drawing lessons and redrawing them right and wrong.

I had no idea I would be doing this for a real class one day! Being a foundation phase teacher is everything I ever dreamed of, before I knew I was dreaming of it 🙂

I teach because I love children and knowing that no two days will ever be the same excites me!

I have many hobbies, mostly because I get bored very easily. My love for dancing started very young  while I only found fishing much later. In 2010 I went for EP Trials and made history by being one of 6 ladies to make the first ever Eastern Province Shore Angling Ladies team – I was hooked!  I made the president team and the South African Ladies team to compete against Namibia.  In 2020 I fished my 10th consecutive year for Eastern Province and made the South African team for the 5th consecutive year.

When I am not teaching, dancing or fishing I am crafting. I love making something from nothing, perhaps that is why I love teaching so much.


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