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The Phakamisa Pantry

Mar 19, 2020Phakamisa Pantry

Phakamisa means “to uplift” and this Port Alfred School project is one that tugs at the heartstrings.  It started with a touching story of a teen, who despite numerous setbacks, still attended Port Alfred School, still studied hard and remained humble, courteous and polite – to the extend that even peers commented on it.

What became a startling revelation was that numerous teens were in similar positions and needed assistance with, what most would call, basics.  A Whatsapp group consisting of mothers and friends was started, and we rallied to bring in said basics – such as sanitary pads, toothpaste, deodorant and body lotion.  These goods fall to the bottom of the shopping list when faced with tough economic times and minimal earnings.  We also assisted foundation phase children, with limited means, with enough stationery to start off the year and hopefully to last most of 2020. After the initial rush to help, a call was made for monthly contribution of R60, which would assist one teen for the month.  We’ve managed to get quite close to being able to assist all 20 teens, but still fall a bit short.

During a recent meeting with the school, we realised that there were even more pressing needs with a student unable to buy E-books despite it being almost the end of the first term.  It was decided that with the assistance of Early Act and Interact and learners aiming for President’s Award, we would endeavour to raise some funds to assist “learners in need right now”.  The aim being that some funds be kept to enable students in desperate times to be assisted with their most desperate needs.  Phakamisa is basically a long term project based on dire and immediate needs.

If you are willing to assist us in any way, kindly email, or use the bank details listed here:

FNB Port Alfred Branch 250655
Account Number 62613858820
REFERENCE Surname & Initial +Pantry


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