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This too shall pass – by Elani Sloman

May 7, 2020Teachers

Times are tough, they really are. We have been stripped of several of our basic rights.  The unemployment rate is soaring which may lead to high levels of crime. As many as 32 million people worldwide have lost their jobs.

Our every way of life as we knew it, is under threat. This virus, which may or may not kill us, has certainly unsettled our entire way of life BUT this too shall pass!

Through all of it, I choose to hold on to what matters the most to me…. Love. Love firstly for my immediate family, with whom I have been able to spend five amazing, uninterrupted weeks of bonding with on the most basic level.  Love for my extended family and friends with whom I have spent hours communicating on the phone.  Love for my colleagues and the community in general whom I miss so much.  Love for our country and last but not least, love for this beautiful world we call home.

As many hardships as we may have to face in our short stay on this beautiful planet, I feel it is important to always fill our hearts with love in the knowledge that a higher power is always at work. I stand firm that my faith has brought me thus far and will lead me the rest of the way and I pray every day for those that may be less fortunate me.

Remember, if you were born in 1900, in the year of your 14th birthday, World War 1 would have started and it ended in the year of your 18th birthday, killing 22 million people. That same year, a Spanish flu pandemic would have broken out, killing 50 million people. In the year of your 29th birthday, the Great Depression would have hit, along with the collapse of the world economy and in the year of your 36th birthday, World War 2 would have started. If you were lucky enough to make it through all of that unscathed, we all know that the Cold War was around the corner bringing with it the path to modern day warfare. PHEW!

So perhaps we don’t live in such a bad time? In light of this I’m calling on you to pull together, fill our hearts with love and have faith in a higher power, knowing that this too shall pass!


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