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Foundation Phase Info pack | Grade 1-3


Attending school is compulsory

If your child is absent, please send a letter or email addressed to your child’s class teacher or to the Head of the Foundation Phase explaining his/her absence. A Doctor’s certificate is required if a pupil misses more than 2 consecutive days.

It is not in your nor your child’s best interests to bunk school. Please be advised that members of the School Management Team have been known to visit a pupil’s home to see for themselves why a child is absent from school.

In Mr Mandela’s words: “Education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world!”

School hours:
Gr 1&2: 07h30 – 13h00
Gr 3: 07h30 – 13h45

Term dates:
1: 15 Jan – 20 Mar
2: 31 Mar – 12 Jun
3: 7 Jul – 18 Sep
4: 29 Sep – 2 (4)Dec


Foundation Phase new pupils are to please enter through the Albany Rd entrance and meet the teachers in their classrooms. Prefects will be on hand to assist you

Moms, dads and guardians please don’t hang around when the bell goes … download the D6 Communicator App and trust that your darlings will have a super first day!


Held once a week in the Hall, Assemblies is where we say well done to pupils who have excelled. As a parent, you are encouraged to send in certificates, medals, trophies etc with a brief written piece on what your child participated in and how well s/he has done. This covers all activities and not just those offered by Port Alfred High.

The national anthem is sung as is the school song. The words are as follows:

Port Alfred High School is ever our pride
Set in great beauty the ocean beside
O mag ons skool van jaar to jaar
Alles wat na ons hart is bewaar
Mag al ons leerlinge waar ookal tuis
Onbevrees trou bly, standvastig en wys
Facta non Verba this is our rule
Deeds and not words are what count in our school.


  • Track suit tops are to be worn every Monday to Assembly as our children do not wear blazers until Grade 7.
  • Please mark all items very clearly.



  • Navy skirt
  • Short sleeve open neck button up shirt
  • Short navy ski-pants to wear under the skirt
  • Short white socks and black shoes


  • White long/short sleeve shirt (a tie is not required in Gr 1-3)
  • Navy skirt
  • Short navy ski-pants to wear under the skirt
  • Navy V-neck jersey
  • Grey long socks and black shoes


  • School tracksuit
  • Short white socks & black school shoes



  • Grey shorts
  • Short sleeve open neck button up shirt
  • Long grey socks and black shoes


  • Long grey pants
  • White long/short sleeve shirt
  • Navy V-neck jersey
  • Grey long socks and black shoes


  • School tracksuit
  • Grey long socks & black school shoes

Sport Gear

  • All Sports:
    • to wear standardised school tracksuit top and bottom.
    • to wear either the navy PAHS cap or a white wide brimmed “cricket” hat. We follow a “no hat, no play” rule.
  • Sport equipment:  Every child to please have their own tennis racquet, hockey stick and swimming cap. A tip for the swimming cap is to lightly dust the inside with baby powder so that it is easy to get on and prevents sticking
  • Interhouse events take place throughout the year. The three houses, Harvey (Red), Orffer (Gold) and Hobson (Blue) are named after past headmasters. On these fun days pupils may wear the respective house colours.
  • Purchasing clothes:
    • Items can be purchased from SPORTS ‘n ALL in the Heritage Mall or PEP in Campbell Street or at the Rosehill Mall.
    • The Port Alfred School Shop is situated alongside the school hall and stocks second hand items. It is open every Wednesday from 12h00 to 14h00.



  • Standard school golf shirt
  • Navy blue shorts/skorts
  • Short white socks for the girls and grey for the boys
  • Navy blue socks with red turnovers for matches for the Grade 2 & 3s only
  • White takkies


Practices and matches

  • Standard school golf shirt
  • Navy blue skorts
  • Short white socks
    White takkies


Practices and matches

  • Standard red rugby jersey for Grade 3s only; Grade 1 & 2s wear the school golf shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • No boots or takkies – barefoot only


  • No swimming in underwear is permitted.
  • No sharing of towels or costumes is permitted.
  • Standard school black Speedo
  • Swimming cap (any colour)
  • Towel


Practices and matches:

  • Standard school golf shirt
  • Navy skorts/shorts
  • Short white socks for girls
  • Grey socks for boys
  • White takkies

What to send to school

  • A child who is already familiar with the school rules. Please read and discuss the Port Alfred School Code of Conduct with your child/ren.
  • Healthy eating habits are encouraged at Port Alfred High School so fizzy cooldrinks and junk food is not allowed. Please do not send take-aways, especially fried fish, to school.
  • The “Snack Attack” treat system is in place and you will receive more information about this in your child’s homework book. A visit to the Tuck Shop is only allowed on a Friday.
  • Please encourage your child to be responsible with his/her money and the manner in which it is spent. A purse or wallet is suggested when sending money on a Friday.
  • Birthday cake or a special treat is welcome but please plan this with your child’s teacher ahead of the “Big Day”.

What not to send to school

  • A sick child. The other children and staff are soon infected and this prevents us from having fun and giving our 100% to your child.
  • Please make head checks for lice part of your routine. Children with lice must please stay at home and be treated until the hair is clear.
  • Please don’t send valuable items especially toys or collectables to school. They may get lost or broken and the result is always TEARS! Should anything of this nature find its way to school, it will be taken away from your child and held in safe-keeping.

What to do if you have an issue, query, suggestion or concern

Your first point of contact is the class teacher. Please make an appointment by means of a note in the homework diary or an email. Parents/caregivers are requested not to go to classrooms while pupils are being taught. Thereafter you are welcomed to contact the head of the intermediate phase by calling the front office 046 – 624 2440 or emailing ckantor@pahs.co.za.