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Pre-primary info pack | Age 2 – Gr R

What to do on your first day

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Port Alfred School!

Pre-primary pupils to please enter through the Pre-Primary gate on Park Ave. For security reasons it is on a buzzer system with an electronic lock. Please be sure to close the gate.

Moms, dads and guardians please don’t hang around when the bell goes …  trust that your darlings will have a super first day!

What to wear

Comfortable play clothes that are age appropriate. Your child will need a Port Alfred Pre-Primary T-Shirt and you will be able to order this through your teacher and pay her directly.

School hours:
07h30 – 12h00
Aftercare available until 14h00 or 16h45

Term dates:
1: 15 Jan – 20 Mar
2: 31 Mar – 12 Jun
3: 7 Jul – 18 Sep
4: 29 Sep – 2 (4)Dec

What to send to school

Held once a week in the Hall, Assemblies is where we say well done to pupils who have excelled. As a parent, you are encouraged to send in certificates, medals, trophies etc with a brief written piece on what your child participated in and how well s/he has done. This covers all activities and not just those offered by Port Alfred School.

  • Back pack
    A simple back pack for toddlers is suggested while a new branded school back pack available from Sports ’n All is strongly recommended for the Grade R pupils. By making this purchase now, you lessen the outlay for Grade 1.
  • Box of tissues
    A big one, please!
  • Cap or hat
    Please don’t forget to apply sunscreen at home.
  • Crayons
    Only the Lions, Cubs & Kittens classes need a set of MONAMI/STAEDER turnout/twisty crayons.
  • Glue stick
    PRITT works best and you need to please invest in the really big one!
  • Handwash
    A pump action bottle of SAVLON or DETTOL handwash is required.
  • Healthy foods
    Healthy food choices are encouraged at Port Alfred School. Chips, chocolates, sweets and confectionary are discouraged and fried fish is not allowed. Sandwiches cut into quarters with healthy fillings are suggested as well as vegetable and fruit snacks like cherry tomatoes, grapes and cucumber.
    Drinking water is encouraged and every child must please have a water bottle. Fruit juice, mixed “water cooldrink” and yoghurt is allowed. Fizzy cooldrinks are not allowed.
  • Hand towel
    mark it clearly with your child’s name. Please do not send a bath towel.
  • Message book
    Please buy an A5 hardcover exercise book and cover it with plastic/contact and label it with your child’s name. This book will be kept at school and sent home in your child’s bag when there is a message for your attention. Please check daily, read and sign alongside the message indicating that you have done so. Please remember to return the book. If not returned, loose pieces of paper are sent and these tend to get lost causing unnecessary stress to all. The message book is vital for effective communication between home and school. Please encourage your child to take pride in it and keep the book clean and tidy.
  • Photo
    A photo of your child for the Birthday Wall in his/her classroom. Sending cake on your child’s Birthday is optional. We do our best to schedule his/her Healthy Habit Day as close to the birth date so as to save on you having to “double bake”.
  • Second set of clothes
    Accidents happen so it’s good to have a back-up!
  • Spade
    Each child to please bring a plastic spade for fun in the sand pit. We have lots of buckets so just a spade, please.
  • Swimming kit
    No child may swim in underwear. No child may share a costume or a towel. Each child must please have their own kit. Please don’t disappoint your little one by forgetting to pack the swimming kit every Monday in the summer months.

What not to send to school

Please do not send sick children to school. The other children and staff are soon infected and this prevents us from having fun and giving our 100% to your child. Please make head checks for lice part of your routine. Children with lice must please stay at home and be treated until the hair is clear.

Please do not send any toys or other precious items to school. They may get lost or broken and the result is always TEARS! Should anything of this nature find its way to school, it will be taken away from your child and held in safe-keeping.

What to do if you have an issue, query, suggestion or concern

Your first point of contact is the class teacher. Please make an appointment by means of a note in the homework diary or an email. Parents/caregivers are requested not to go to classrooms while pupils are being taught. Thereafter you are welcomed to contact the head of the intermediate phase by calling the front office 046 – 624 2440 or emailing